Paperspokes light-reflecting shock cord

People were interested for the ZIGZAG’s reflective elastic cord, so this year we decided to start selling this component on its own. The cord is made of high-quality UV- and waterproof material. The reflective fibres reflect the light, thus ensuring night visibility. Recommended for mounting on bicycles, luggage racks, or for activities where something needs to be fixed. The product is manufactured in Hungary, in six different colours.…

We’ve been working on new products for a while

So far, we have only wooden bicycle crates, but customer feedback has made it clear that we have to produce metal products over time. First of all, buyers are looking for metal crates because they are lighter than wooden crates, and because they are less afraid of metal crates than they are of the wooden crates. Even though the PaperSpokes wooden bicycle crates are made of very special…

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