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Design for yourself

“We are designers, why don’t we design something for ourselves?” – We asked each other in 2015 when we couldn’t find a stylish and functional bicycle basket for our everyday commute. This is when PaperSpokes was born.

And we started to study existing solutions, and gathered a lot of new ideas. Then we experimented with functions and different materials, and developed designs of metal, wood, plastic and leather boxes, baskets and bags. More than 20 different product ideas were born, two of which we found to be worthy of implementation: two unusual wooden bicycle crates.

We experimented with different materials and technologies to make the wooden crates resistant to all kinds of weather. It took us half a year to find the right technology assuring that no surface treatment is needed, the wood is resistant to the effects of sunshine, and its water absorption is minimal, so it does not warp and keeps its original shape even after heavy rainfalls.

We wanted to share these beautiful products with other people, so we decided to start a crowdfounding campaign on Indiegogo. Our goal was to start production and collect money to make new products. The campaign lasted 30 days, although we did not reached what we wanted, but the money was enough to start the production.

"We are designers, why don't we design something for ourselves?"

Meet Our Team

We are two architects and one designer who are passionate about their work.

Zsofia has constant desire for discovering new ideas, she already has new products in her mind.

Agnes likes to experiment with new materials and solutions, meticulous attention to detail characterizes her work.

Viri is a designer and businesswoman, functionality and efficiency are her keywords.

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